In memory of George Floyd and the countless innocent Black lives lost to police brutality, our organization would like to gather writing pieces for our "Redefine: Black Lives Matter" collection as a way to advocate for equality and eliminate racism. We believe that this is a pressing issue that needs to be addressed, and what better way to raise awareness than by voice our opinions through writing?

You can now check out the writing pieces that were submitted to our collection down below! We hope that you could show support to these young writers by reading their work and we sincerely thank our participants for showing their support towards the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

"Redefine Racism"

Author: Ariyah Nichol

(from United States, Anaheim CA)

"Yellow Peril Supports Black Power: In Rejection of the Model Minority Myth, and in
Solidarity with the Black Community"

Author: Anne Fu

(from Ancaster, Canada)

"Why the BLM movement is important"

Author: Darlen Ballkaniku

(from Toronto, Canada)

"What Are the Odds?"

Author: Aryaa Kapil

(from Peel Region Canada)

Author: Aneeva Murray

(from Brampton, Canada)

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