Our Co-Founders Appeared On Global News Yesterday!

Our team at Write-Minded Canada is proud to announce that our co-founders - Padena and Queena - were interviewed by Global News yesterday! During the news at 5:30 P.M., the clip containing the interview was broadcasted across the country and we have received much positive feedback regarding our grand vision for our new event - "Redefine Collection: #BlackLivesMatter". Padena and Queena spoke about the objectives of Write-Minded Canada as well as how our organization can make a difference in the world. They also discussed the significance of discrimination and injustice in our society, connecting it to how we can eliminate those stigmas through creative writing. If you happened to have seen our appearance on television, we hope that we were able to give you a little inspiration and that you could join us in our mission!

We would like to thank Ms. Susan Hay for interviewing us and Ms. Katrina Ramlochan for featuring us on the "Making a Difference" segment. This is a great achievement and honor for our team, and we believe that this would help more teenagers in Canada to discover the Write-Minded opportunities we offer!

You can find the news article + full video here!

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