How to Ensure Fairness in Selections?

Wondering how we will grade the submissions to ensure a fair selection? Here are the steps and measures we will be taking to create a bias-free system when we determine our winners.


  1. Each submission will be reviewed by two members on the executive team.

  2. A rationale must be provided to support the given marks.

  3. Enforced policy to not give a "level 4" solely based on mutual friendships.


  1. After all gradings are done, we will total up the two scores each person received from each reviewer and divide them up by 2 to get their final score.

  2. The co-presidents will review the top 10 pieces again.

  3. From the top 10 pieces, the co-presidents will choose 4 pieces that most demonstrate advanced writing/technical skills and discuss our contest theme in a highly creative, thought-provoking way. The selected pieces will be the winners of our 2020 Write-Minded contest.

Those who wanted to receive feedback will be emailed their 2 rubrics along with the short rationale. Please remember that we are not here to criticize but to help everyone improve in their creative writing skills :)

Participants will be informed of the final results on June 23rd, 2020.

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