An Inspiring Webinar With Best-Selling Author Krista Walsh

Krista Walsh is an indie author based in Ottawa, Ontario who has published more than 16 fantasy novels in her creative journey! She founded the self-publishing brand Raven's Quill Press to provide a series of professional publishing services to other indie writers and to share some words of wisdom through this tight-knit community she has created. During the webinar today, we found that she is not only an experienced and passionate author, but also an inspirational and witty "teacher" for us young writers!

Ms. Krista Walsh offered many constructive pieces of advice from her experiences in the industry, and the unique opinions she held were very enlightening to us. One of the suggestions she gave was to sharpen your creative-writing skills by reading: Save the Cat

(by Blake Snyder), The Anatomy of Story: 22 Steps to Becoming a Master Storyteller (by John Truby), and Story Engineering: Mastering the 6 Core Competencies of Successful Writing (by Larry Brooks).

We would like to thank Ms. Krista Walsh and all of our participants again for attending the webinar today and for supporting our cause.

You can find the full recording of the webinar here!

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