Write-Minded has hosted its first-ever writing contest with the theme of "Breaking Identity-Based Prejudice". We hope that through this event, we can raise more awareness about prejudice towards one's self-identity and encourage teenagers to express their views on relevant issues.

This was a two-month-long contest lasting from March 23rd to May 23rd. Throughout this period, we planned various activities to help inspire young writers on the different topics they may choose to write about, such as gender obstacles, cultural or racial biases, prejudice against the LGBTQ+ community, and more.

Kelly Jin.

First-Place Winner in Prose

India Das Brown.

First-Place Winner in Poetry

Selena Cai.

Second-Place Winner


Third-Place Winner

Piece Description: "A Pair of Fish" speaks to the intimate moments of fear and confusion of a young boy who struggles to embrace his heritage in a world where he worries his differences will be shunned. This boy and the conflicting mindset he works to overcome is a stand-in for the countless other youth and young adults from immigrant families. Looking from the inside-out, these experiences are a reality for thousands, shaping immigrant youth for the better and worse.

Piece Description: 

The experience of assimilation is one of both fluidity and anarchy at once. How far must one lean to be part of a paradigm? Must the success of assimilation be proven at the cost of our collective lived experiences? This piece explores the almost compulsory sadness and inevitability of losing one aspect of identity to make space for another, often under the guise of acceptance and peace.

Piece Description: Multiple pronouns, a lack of traditional poetic form, and procedure like writing forms the identity of an alchemist within the poem. In this piece, the persona of an alchemist is used with a negative connotation in the modern paradigm, with the persona making changes to break through their presumed prejudice, and chronicles the multiple society-attached identities a person may assume when pondering the process of their existence. Subject to interpretation, it challenges the idea of individual and societal prejudice when a person has yet to find their identity.

Piece Description:

Trans(gender)cendental Creation Myth is a poem about reconstructing your identity and finding a "name" or identity for yourself, as a trans person.

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