Black Lives Matter

Featuring a collection of writing pieces to redefine the unjust discrimination against African-Americans.

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Mission and Goals

We are Write-Minded Canada—an organization that uniquely supports teen writers.

Are you a young writer frustrated with the lack of resources you can access during your writing journey? Do you want to learn more about contests and workshops to improve your skill? Write-Minded Canada is here to provide the support that you need. Our purpose is to give teenagers an opportunity to display their creativity and voice through the English creative arts (e.g. poetry, prose, etc.), offering various useful tips along the way. We promote young writers across the community who want to deliver their message through writing.

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Upcoming Events

Executive Announcement

Announcing our new team of Write-Minded for the term of 2020-2021!

Chapter Leader Recruitment

Start your own Write-Minded Chapter in the city you live in and become the leader of your team!

Takeover w/ Sarah Frank

Check out our Instagram Takeover highlight with author Sarah Frank from Sep.14th!

Featured Writers of October

Amy Jing

Amy Jing is a first-year student in Legal Studies at the University of Waterloo. Writing used to be how she entertained herself in elementary school, and now it is a way for her to express complex thoughts creatively in a way that is easier to understand.

Click the button below to read her short story "Graveyard Walk"!

Lili Yao

Lili Yao is a Grade 12 student attending Dr. Norman Bethune Collegiate Institute who is passionate about poetry, and for as long as she can remember, her mind has never been able to shut up. She loves writing since it is a great way to preserve memories.

Click the button below to read her poem"march-september"!

The thing you are most afraid to write.

Write that. —Nayyireh Waheed