Write-Minded Contest 2021 

Starting on January 18th, 2021, we will be hosting our annual writing competition themed "Cultural Celebration". This allows us to expose and spread awareness to lesser known aspects of certain cultures. Winners will be rewarded with amazing prizes!

Chapter Three

Mission and Goals

We are Write-Minded — an organization that uniquely supports teen writers.

Are you a young writer frustrated with the lack of resources you can access during your writing journey? Do you want to learn more about contests and workshops to improve your skill? Write-Minded is here to provide the support that you need. Our purpose is to give teenagers an opportunity to display their creativity and voice through the English creative arts (e.g. poetry, prose, etc.), offering various useful tips along the way. We promote young writers across the community who want to deliver their message through writing.

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Upcoming Events

Annual Writing Contest

Our annual Write-Minded competition will begin mid-January! Stay tuned!

Chapter Leader Recruitment

Start your own Write-Minded Chapter in the city you live in and become the leader of your team!

Takeover w/ Sara Guo

Check out our interview with teenage author Sara Guo about her book: One Point in Time!

Featured Writers of November

Ayra Kamal

 Ayra Kamal is a 15-year-old writer from India. 
She likes reading, writing, playing soccer, cycling, and baking.  A fun fact about her is that she has an unhealthy obsession with the American sitcom, the Office.

Click the button below to read her article "The Forgotten Inventor and the evolution of Monopoly"!

Sanchi Juneja

Sanchi is  a student from Arya senior secondary school. Her patronus is a unicorn and she is a universe believer. She loves to talk about fireflies, stars and books. She loves the croissant crescent and loves to talk to moon in all his phases.

Click the button below to read her poem "Happy Halloween!"

The thing you are most afraid to write.

Write that. —Nayyireh Waheed

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